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The PowerPro® Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter by VersaDesk 

Simple, Durable, Effective, Affordable Pain Relief! Stay Healthy, America!

The PowerPro® Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter, like the original PowerPro Sit Stand Desk Converter is designed to easily convert your existing desk into a sit stand desk.  With enhanced features along with a more ergonomic design like the now included combination USB/Power Height control button which also has a locking feature and a slide out key board tray make this Power Pro, a deluxe sit stand desk converter. The easy to use back-lit push button control allows it to effortlessly adjust to any siting or standing height up to 20" from the surface it rests on. With minimum assembly required you can go from sitting to standing, and you can sit down again, and stand as you please throughout your work day! Backed by a fantastic warranty, you and your Power Pro Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter can stay classy for a very, very long time.   

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Available in Four Colors!

Contemporary Black Matrix, Techie Gray Matrix, Glossy White (which also doubles as a white board surface), Modern Maple Woodgrain, and Classy Cherry Woodgrain.


Stay simple with a black surface for your .Power Pro Deluxe Sit Stand Desk ConverterKeep it tech with a gray matrix surface for your  Power Pro Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter.Choose the gloss white which also doubles as a whiet board surface for your  Power Pro Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter.Looking for a moern looking desk?  Choose the maple woodgrain surface color for your  Power Pro Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter.Cherry Woodgrain surface color for an elegant and professional look.

Desk space no longer a problem in your home or office!

Choose between 36”, 40” and 48” Width.  The 26", 40" & 48" have a 36" W keyboard tray.  All width options have a 24" Depth with the surface top surface at 13.5" D and the keyboard tray surface 9.875" D.


Need more space on your keyboard tray?

With the easy glide technology of the Power Pro Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter's Keyboard Tray you can just slide it out when needed to create more space to place a book or notepad.  Also great for those who would like to sit back further from their monitor.

Effortless sliding keyboard tray adjustment with the Power Pro Deluxe Sit Stand Desk COnverter form VersaDesk


features of the pullout tray on the Power Pro Deluxe sit stand desk converter

PowerPro® Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter Features:

  • The PowerPro® Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter is guaranteed to hold up to 80 lbs
  • Quiet Motorized Lift System which is backed by a 5 year warranty
  • Stable and secure vertical height adjustment 
  • Raises up to 20” from the surface it sits on
  • Keyboard tray extends 5.5"
  • Universal USB charging port for mobile devices
  • New Switch includes safety locking feature
  • Equipped with 3 Universal grommet holes 
  • Made with reinforced steel for a better, lifelong investment
  • High Density fiberboard surface 
  • Wilson High Pressure Laminate offers unprecedented design and is regarded as the most environmentally friendly decor

New sit stand desk key features

Lock your desk height with the easy to use saftety feature included on the Power Pro Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter

Electric height adjustment allows for you to go form sitting to standing at the push of a button with the Power Pro Plus Sit Stand Desk Converter   


Benefits of Using The PowerPro® Deluxe Sit Stand Desk Converter:
  • BIFMA Rated - buy with confidence
  • Easy to use, back-lit, push button control - unlike manual push lever adjustment
  • Eliminate chord entanglement from your device with the built-in USB charging port
  • Safety lock will keep your desk at the height you have set 
  • True ergonomic design aids in relief of back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Improved productivity due to better blood flow